A New Approach to Predicting Industrial Fan Noise for Civil Engineering

Industrial fans, from domestic to large-scale commercial models, all share a common issue – the noise generated by the equipment. The acoustic effects of the housing and adjacent duct work however cannot be ignored and can be addressed quickly and accurately by using Exa software due to its ability to handle complex geometry.  

Exa has a unique solution to fan noise issues. By directly simulating the noise generated by fans, engineers can easily identify how to reduce the noise signatures. This has distinct advantages over the traditional CFD methods of looking at pure component level simulation.

Exa Corporation’s solutions for engineering simulation are based on an extended Lattice Boltzmann method. This inherently transient, numerically stable and patented technology enables Exa to predict fluid flow with a level of accuracy and insight into flow behaviour better than physical testing or traditional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods. This represents REAL WORLD systems saving on production and prototyping.

Join us for this free 40 minute webinar we will show how Exa’s tools can optimise not only the fan, but housing and associated ducting. This is a must for anyone involved in fan design from domestic installation to large external building HVAC units. 


Applicable Industries

  • Industrial Fan Manufacturers
  • Domestic Fan Manufacturers
  • General Fan suppliers
  • Civil Engineering